Monday, April 9, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

I finally got around to trying out the Kiss Nail Dress nail polish strips that were included in my Love VoxBox. It was definitely one of the more interesting products included, but that's just because I really enjoy trying out new beauty products. I received KDS10, otherwise known as Sexy, which is a leopard print pattern. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it was way too interesting to be bothered.

 The box looks small, but there was actually a plastic filler behind an insert and the nail strips. The contents were organized and neat. When I opened the flap, I could smell a strong scent. It reminded me of actual nail polish, but more confined. Regular nail polish has a smell that can fill up a whole room, the scent was more around the packaging of the box and the strips themselves. It wasn't a turn off for me since unusual smells are kinda cool sometimes, weird I know. Some might find it bothersome though. 

Here's what was included:
~ Insert
~ 28 nail polish strips
~ Double sided file
The insert shows all 18 designs that are available at the moment. KDS04, KDS09, and KDS17 caught my eye. I might try them out if I have a special event and I'm short on time. There's also a picture-by-picture instruction panel. This was definitely helpful while I was applying them on myself.
On the back side of the insert, there's a suggestion of how to customize the nail stickers along with imPRESS nails to get a unique nail look. Pretty interesting, but I don't trust myself to make pretty combinations. lol.

The application concept was easy to understand, but actually applying them was a little more tough than I thought. I'm a bit clumsy, so that may be why I had some troubles. Sizing your nails is fairly easy since there are 14 different shapes. Applying them to the nail was a tad troublesome (this is where clumsiness is a huge factor) because I couldn't center the sticker against my cuticle. It took some time before I got one hand fully stickered up. It was easy to remove and try again; the stickiness of the sticker didn't decrease the more times I put and pulled it off. Now the hardest part was filing the excess off. The instructions say to fold the excess and file, but when you fold it, it may create folds or ruffles on the sticker that's on your nail. When you file off in that manner, the ruffles might just stay which was what happened to me on many nails. Also, the edge that was filed was a bit jagged to the touch. I just tried to file until I got to the point where it was acceptably smooth. Don't be too rough, it might lift the strip.

This is about 10 minutes or so after applying the nail strips to my nails:
Not a great job, I know. This was my first time trying out nail strips and I was a total noob. I do like how they look though. However, it seemed like a bit much since I just hung out with friends and what not. These look like they are meant for special occasions since they're so flashy.

How long did they last? About 4-5 days before I peeled them off. These strips don't exactly "chip" more like little pieces along the edge get nicked off. The strip itself is pretty tough, so if you pull at the edge you pull the whole thing. Since pieces get nicked off, the strip might lift from your nail. I didn't expect these to last the 10 days it says on the packaging, so I wasn't disappointed at all. I saw it wearing down around the second day. During the time I wore them, I mostly did day-to-day activities like wash dishes, clean up, drive, etc.

Would I repurchase? Definitely! If I have a special occasion I want to dress my nails up for or I'm feeling particularly girly, these would be the first to come to mind since they are cheap or cheaper than other brands. Retail is $6.99, so definitely not too bad if you're in need of quick and unique nails.

For more information check out their website here. There's a video on how to apply them and FAQ to answer any questions you might have.

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me for consideration through the Influenster VoxBox program. I am not affiliated with the company and was in no way compensated for any reviews. All reviews expressed on Peach Tree Dish are my own honest opinion regardless if they were provided or personally purchased.

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