Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Venus & Olay Razor

Yes, that's right. Another post about hair removal. What can I say? I like being silky smooth and rocking shorts. Maybe it's also because I get self-conscious when the prickly starts erupting. Even though I know random people won't run up to touch my legs, I feel like they just know I've been lazy. lol.

From the Love VoxBox, I got to test out the new razor by Gillette. It's the love child of Venus' close shave and Olay's ability to moisturize skin. At first glance, I thought the entire razor was the disposable kind, but on closer inspection, I realized it was a starter kit and that the actual razor was the disposable part. The bulky packaging should have immediately given that away.

Here's what's housed inside:
~ 1 Razor handle (soft-grip with the same color scheme as the razor cartridge)
~ 1 Razor cartridge (includes 5 blades and 2 Olay moisturizing bars)
~ 1 Shower hook

The cartridge packaging seemed rather large to me compared to previous cartridges I've tried. Once I opened the cartridge packaging, I was met with a scent that I can only describe as warm and it reminded me of Olay lotions. It was fairly strong at first, but it diminishes as you use it. I really enjoyed the scent, but people sensitive to fragrance may not agree.

Here's a close up. It definitely doesn't look like your mother's razor.

I've used this about 2-3 times already and the bars are still going strong, which was one of the things I was wary of. Other razors sporting a similar moisturizing bar/strip don't last very long, at least not for me. The 5 blades did their job and the result was a super close shave as expected. Haven't experienced any build up on the blades either which is another yay. Not once while using this in the shower did the razor slip out of my hand. I hate it when I drop the razor while in mid shave and lose my place. lol. Did I mention that this product advertises no other shave cream needed? I was extremely skeptical about this. I was ready to forgo testing this aspect out due to previous negative experiences, but once I added some water, I changed my mind. You don't need shaving cream at all! It glided across my skin without any skipping and it didn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight. It blew my mind because all I could say was wow wow WOW. After drying off, my legs were so smooth and moisturized as if I had put on lotion. I've gotten the same result every time I've used it which only made me love the product more. The only downside for me was the cost of refill cartridges. The "starter kit" that I received retails for about $8.99, but may vary depending on store and a pack of 3 replacement cartridges is between $14.99-19.49. To me that seems a bit pricey, but I've always thought all the cartridge refill type things were pretty expensive.

Would I repurchase? Yeah, I think I might be making this my staple razor since the cartridge seems to have good period of use and I can cut the cost of shaving cream. I like to cut costs where I can, cause hey, if you can save money somewhere why not, right? I can put the savings to good use on other beauty items. :3c

You can find these at your local drugstores and other various retailers. Check out their site to find out more.

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me for consideration through the Influenster VoxBox program. I am not affiliated with the company and was in no way compensated for any reviews. All reviews expressed on Peach Tree Dish are my own honest opinion regardless if they were provided or personally purchased.

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